For Our Oniomania – A soul soothing Retail therapy

A wedding preparation invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court. You'd get so involved in the wedding sho sha that you would not be able to shell out time for anything. We finally had enough of it and decided to rejuvenate ourselves by indulging into retail therapy and shopped until we drained our pockets ....

We splurged into one of our favourite stores 'Reiss' which has a newly opened branch in lokhandwala (also located in bandra). The new store has got admirable interiors, the looks of a walk in wardrobe we've always dreamt of. We literally shopped like maniacs getting out of the asylum after ages ;). A twin top has to be a part of our shopping dates; its a shimmer knit that Hemal picked up in grey and Urmi in black. These were just the twins, there are loads more! Cant wait to use them on the blog!

Hemal tried some, not her type ;) lace dresses and finally bought them after contemplating!

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