For Looking beyond the gloss

When it comes to styling, shooting, selecting and making garments, it’s your own creation which shall ring fashion on your sets. We‘ve been fortunately busy this season doing rounds with our assignments that we hardly got time to drop a post. It’s often felt by one and all that we are carrying a drab by look and can make us feel less desirable. But WWH definitely is never in such a mindset and can have a change for you.

Looking your best even while doing your ordinary chores, is the idea here. Offer yourself the style that provides everything that lets your skin breathe and makes sure you are at comfort while it certainly shows off that you are in the playful fashion as always.

Urmi is wearing her Ikat printed pants with a floral jacket she picked up from a street stall in Delhi. Colorful prints on black and white look really preppy. This is one of those multifaceted jackets, that can be teamed with anything and everything. Hemal is carrying this chirpy outfit she ordered from

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