Fine Dine

Long time readers, have kept a little busy last two weeks. Hence the delay in posting, Keep Reading!
When it comes to taking a break from everyday routine, one of the most refreshing plan would be dinner out. Our long awaited dinner plan finally came to action last week. After contemplating over cuisines and restaurants, we finally got to this admirable place called The Tasting Room which is right next to our shopping hub, Pheonix Mills.
Hemal chose to wear H&M beige dress which hit right above knee with corresponding stacks on wrist. Urmi preferred a suave look in black as she flaunts a classic neon collar neckpiece.
The decor of this place is quite a thing, grand and enormous, which has to be since the place is by ‘Good Earth'. We had exotic european food. It started off with some wrong goat cheese starters, which we aren’t really fond of, but it was followed by electrifying risotto and arabiata pasta. The ambience, music and the desserts of course are savory. One can never imagine of finding such a place in midst of a mill, you are surrounded by deep pink textured walls, antique chandeliers with soft glow, with a tinge of victorian ambience.
We were so engrossed in our chit chatting and catching up with each other, we just outcasted everyone else present out there. Nevertheless, it was such a merriment for both of us and ya many more to come our way.
On Hemal: Dress, H&M| Shoes, Zara| Armcandy,Everywhere
On Urmi: Dress, Mango| Neckpiece, Blur| Ring, Colaba| Watch, Guess| Shoes, Bandra

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