Fashion Serendipity

When you find something good, without looking for it, you feel ultra pleased. Even without trying any sort of haggle you are destined to own some uber chic stuff at dirt prices, now this is what we mean by our fashion serendipity.

Girls will never tire of new dos, especially when they are street shopping. They all are savvy shoppers and can understand this emotion of getting an outfit which they can carry off with a great panache, little does anyone know, how pocket friendly, she picked it up for!!!

Today we are sporting such pieces, Urmi found her pair of tie and dye pants from a pajama stand in Delhi and you really want to know whats the icing on the cake? She picked it just for 100 bucks. Now that’s what we call serendipity. Hemal is wearing a DIY wrap around and she picked this fabric at peanut prices from a street fabric stall in Bombay; Its half the price of Urmi’s pajamas.

Accessorizing yourself intelligently; clutches, shoes and statement necklaces can make or break your look opting for pretty danglers etc. is making the world an expensive place to live. But we are happy that such inexpensive deals do exist, where we get our hands on some wonderful garments without much anxiety on our cash reserves.

 ON URMI: Pants, Sarojini market (delhi) | Top, Cotton On (Dubai) | Ring, Bandra |

ON HEMAL: Top, Promod | Wrap around, Fabric Street stall (Bombay)| Jacket, Forever 21 | Neckpiece, Bangkok| Shoes, Westside| Armcandies, Forever 21-Bandra-Bangkok| Ring, Bandra

Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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