Fashion Aesthetics

Serenity and sanctity of your looks ..

The girlhood may seem like a phrase straight out of fairy tales, but it surely does exist. For some gorgeous girls, like fine wine, they prefer antiques over contemporary looks, they strongly feel, they look their best with the old traditional fashions. Today we just wanted to break out from the usual dresses and blazers and shorts; we mixed up Indian and western elements in our outfits.
Since our concern is fashion, fashion impelled us to tranquil our looks and urge our minds to aftersight and foresight of our attires. Let us disclose the gifts we reserved for ourselves from the treasure chest of our wardrobes.
Aesthetics is beauty and without aesthetics fashion lacks imagination and is not cool. We believe in having no house rules when it comes to dressing up, just pick what you like and be confident enough to carry it; As we say style comes from within.
Hemal wore a WWH dress with indian pearl and gold jewelry. Urmi wore a yellow kurta with hot pink straight pants teamed chunky accessories. Take a look!
On Urmi: Kurta and Pants, Ajanta Kapadia|Shoes, Bangkok|Neckpiece, Blur and Bandra| arm candies, multiple|Bag, Exhibition (lokhandwala)
On Hemal: Dress, What Wear How| Neckpiece, c/o Purple High | Shoes, Reiss (bandra)| Bangles, from mom's vintage jewellery box| Clutch, Exhibition (WTC)
Photo Courtesy: Mansi Shah

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