Fancy Some Tea ?!

The dark clouds swoop in and before you know it, the Bombay rains have made their way to the city. Clouds ready to burst and heavy raindrops give way to the beautiful fragrance of showers meeting earth and evoking a certain sense of nostalgia with its petrichor.

Call us old-fashioned, but rains to us, always equal a steaming hot mug of chai and a plate full of deep-fried and piping hot pakoras. A match made in heaven and made happier when it meets our tastebuds. This time around, we decided to give it a different spin.

Tea parties just got fancier and we’re all for the over-the-top frou frou that comes with high tea. Beautiful spreads, detailed table settings and reasonably stuffing yourself with delicious treats and a great cup of tea, get our vote always. When the table is so dressed, why shouldn’t we?

We’re reminiscing ghosts of seasons passed, with delightful summer dresses that are made of sorbet-hued dreams. Pink and dusty toned ruffle dresses that put trendy minimalist looks to shame. They say you are what you eat, an in this case, you can look at our table and decide that for yourself.

Laden with desserts that tickle your tastebuds and take you on an exploration of absolute explosion of flavor, XYZ from @kishoflife, tempted us with her art (Yes, food is edible art! Just look at how gorgeous it is.) that ranged from bite-sized pieces to stunning layered cream cakes that left us wowed. The cool girls of Pink Lemonade productions complimented the spread with their innate creativity that translated into a photoshoot that relates to their namesake. Bubbly, exciting and FUN!

We had an absolute blast seeing the team wave their creative wand around the space and transforming it into something straight out of a story. The surreal deserts to the ever so on-point aesthetique of the table – from the choice of crockery to every angle, this was a pastel dream come true!

Now that we’ve spilled the tea.. care to join?

Concept & Production: Pink Lemonade Productions

Photo: Jaina Kumar

Food on the table: Kish Of Life

Outfits: Ranna Gill

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