Fairytale Frou Frou

Our tryst with Indian wear has been a longstanding loved one. Though fairytales seldom come true, donning outfits that are so never hurt anybody. Plus points and mad props especially when they aren’t too harsh on your pocket!

Cue, Yeh Lehenga Nahi Mehenga! True to its name, this kooky named store rents out gorgeous Indian wear that is sure to make you look the part for your own little fairytale. They also have bespoke options available.

The frequency of sporting Indian wear is barely often. At most we wear them twice or thrice to events before we push them to the back of the closet. Considering social circles, the outfits don’t get utilized to their worth either. It’s every girls dream to repurpose her outfits and wear different looks. It’s not a surprise the amount of storage space it seems, surely a god given blessing for every girl. These versatile outfits are exactly why we love them oh so much.

The outfits are the right amount of classy and fancy with just enough of glamour. The versatility of the outfits makes these outfits the ultimate go-to from a wedding to a sangeet. The glitter is just enough to put your fancy on. Play with your accessories right and the outfit is done!

Speaking of accessories, we paired up the looks with these beautiful clutches from Tattva. The intricacy in the design of the clutches and its versatile wearability enables you to take them out for any event – from traditional Indian to even western party wear.

Now if only we could wear these outfits everyday. After all, Yeh Lehenga Nahi Mehenga. Right?

Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Yeh Lehenga Nahi Mehenga|  Earrings, Local Exhibition| Clutch, Tattva Fashion

Urmi's Outfit: Outfit, Yeh Lehenga Nahi Mehenga | Earrings, Just Jewellery | Bangles, Lokhandwala Market | Clutch, Tattva Fashion

Location CourtesyRenaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel (Powai)

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts