Nothing spurs the creativity of your mind like standing in front of your closet and simply claiming you have “nothing to wear”. Funnily enough, this insane phenomenon even persists after a dangerous shopping spree. Our closets are bursting with forgotten t-shirts, old pants and even a lost pair of shoe or two. We’re all about style but this sitch presents a reality more eye-opening than most.

Whilst we sit atop our pile of clothes we forget the ways in which our consumption affects the environment we survive in. The effects of fashion in the fast lane are here to see and it doesn’t bode well on the future of the environment. From landfills drowning in clothes to the water and dyes used in processes. Working to fight the future where the only world we live in is toxic and in conditions beyond control is a reality that’s all too possible is tough, but not impossible.

You can start by reusing what you have. Bring out that stray skirt hiding underneath your closet or get your old shirts out again and revamp them with a new look. The easiest way to start helping in this well-oiled cog of mindless consumption of fashion is by beginning at the bottom rung itself.

Mix, match and play around with your own wardrobe and looks. The creativity of a challenging closet is one that looks the best. Trust us, we speak from experience! Take Hemal’s recent play with her closet for example. Hemal works 1 shirt 4 ways to attain maximum utility out of one style. The versatility of the classic t-shirt gets different looks with each of Hemal’s looks and how! Make the most of your wardrobe with the style inspo to truly get the worth of your wear. Mix things up and match your outfits to more than just your go-to pair of denim. The choices are endless and so is the style but the world – we have just that one.

On Hemal: Skirt & Top, H&M| Black polo neck, Promod

Photographer: Univision Photography

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts