Down for Diwali

Happiness. Such an objective concept yet so simple to define. You’ll be surprised at the kind of insight you attain when you ask someone what their idea of happiness is. The sliver of desire and the idea of a happy state of mind that comes through with every suggestion. So many times it’s the little things that rope you in and give you that gooey warm feeling within.

When the festive season comes around is when we’re at our happiest. The second half of the year literally lights us up like nothing else. Diwali in particular fills us up with joy. And our stomachs with delicious food and wardrobe with beautiful outfits amongst other things.

Speaking of which, this time ‘round we decided to go brighter in our colors to really reflect our Diwali happiness and brought out maximum style with numbers heavy on the flare and comfort.

Hemal experiments with length in a flared and layered outfit. The contrasting pieces in the outfit make it the ideal pieces to mix and match with for subsequent outfit ideas too. The orange definitely does justice for a dazzling Diwali and the overall look is super easy to move about in for an evening of fun and cheer!

Urmi keeps it cool in an aqua sleeveless top with light ruffled layers. Paired with breezy white palazzos, you can bet that this outfit is every bit as comfortable and stylish as it looks. Pair it with heavy accessories – jewelry, shoes, bag et all to really add that punch to the look. Down for Diwali and HOW!

The festival of lights is something we hold very dear to us. The life of a stylist can be crazy, unpredictable and downright neurotic, if nothing. So when the festive season comes a-knockin’ we go all out and make the most of it. The hectic schedule, scribbled calendars and having no time for each other or others either, is all made up for when Diwali comes around and is celebrated as one big family.

So if you really asked us? For us, happiness is.. Diwali. Happiness is family. Happiness is letting the light in.

Happy Diwali and a very prosperous new year to our What Wear How family!


On Hemal: Anoli Shah | Earrings, Primark | Clutch, Bridal Asia

On Urmi: Anoli Shah | Watch, Skagen | Earrings, Outhouse

Photographer: Abhijeet (Abys Angles)

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