Dolled & Decked

When you were little, how many times did you secretly step into your mum’s heels, pretending to be older? Grown up? Catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror as you covertly put on lipstick, hoping mom wouldn’t see. Caught in the act! So many childhood moments spent wishing and wondering, when will you get older? When will you get to wear makeup and heels, just like mom?


Amusingly juxtaposed against the bursting happiness every time you slipped into a new frock, a new doll-like dress. Between being lost in a dream and your own world, your own Alice in Wonderland story, we grew up. We ate the metaphorical ‘eat me’ cake and literally grew up. One thing remained constant, unchanged and unaltered. Our love for dolling up.


Our Pero doll likeness got us meandering in Central Park in flowy gingham wonders adorned with blooming ornamental flowers. Loved up in lace and seeing serene blue and cheery yellow merge into delightful babydoll dresses. Laying in green meadows, blowing dandelions as the sun set on us. We had so much fun shooting this story with our blogger friend Nilu from Big hair loud mouth (checkout her amazing blog , BHLM) We may have upgraded to jackets, dresses and slightly larger shoes to fill. Maybe this is just a dream? We may have grown up but not much has changed.


We’re still little girls. Only in bigger dresses.


Let’s go back?

All Outfits: I love Pero

Photo Credit: Adam Kasali

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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