Do Drama, Do Dainty

It’s stunning how a piece of jewelry can hold so much value. One stone may be a girl’s best friend and can at the same time, whilst worn over a certain finger on your left hand, seal the fate of a beautiful future filled with tenderness, love and inexplicable happiness. Jewelry is timeless, no doubt and can relay emotions unsaid. It’s symbolic of love; it can be symbolic of friendship, independence, self-love and so much more. More importantly, it’s a reflection of who you are. We partnered with Swarovski to showcase some beautiful pieces that screamed out to us and we absolutely loved playing models to these stunning pieces.

Hemal plays out her vivacious personality by donning the Slake Pulse statement necklace with the Slake Pulse Bracelet. The predominant grey palette of the Slake Pulse necklace heightened against the somber grey of the turtleneck, which brings a great contrast with the necklace against the collar. Playing with the neutral palette, Hemal adds a spark of glamour with the bright and gleaming necklace.

Meanwhile, Urmi redefines elegance with the Fizzy Strandage necklace that plays the perfect accomplice against the sultry beauty of a simple black dress. The necklace is dainty, chic and elegant and a statement piece even with its minimal features. It’s perfect to wear against solid colors. Playing on the same design, Urmi pairs up the necklace with a Forward Ring, it is just statement enough without being loud.

We love how versatile these pieces are. They have an air of absolute refinery around them making them such covetable pieces to have in your jewellery box. They are sophisticated, chic and uber stylish, which makes them, exactly the key pieces to have and transform any kind of outfit. The aesthetic of these pieces is flawless. They’re modern, modish and impeccably graceful, ideal for anyone with great taste and an eye for details.

Hemal's Outfit: Skirt, The Style Source (bandra) | Top, Zara | Shoes, Bangkok |  Necklace, Swarovski | Earrings, Swarovski (similar)|Ring, Swarovski| Handcuff, Swarovski

Urmi's Outfit: Dress & Shoes, H&M | Necklace, Swarovski (similar) |Earrings, Swarovski|Ring, Swarovski| Handcuff, Swarovski

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: Baroke

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