Glowing evenings, dazzling skies, melodic rainbows, luring music, some coffee on a rainy day, what could you want more than a beautiful silhouette along with a sun shower, holding an exquisite scarf over your shoulders and also win acclaim for the same.

We've attempted something unseasonal and new this time. We caught a glimpse of a street stalls selling some bright and printed scarves. We loved this bright pink because it just sparked our eyes and can you believe we picked it up jus for 200 bucks and now we shall reveal how to make it more than worth its price.

Inspired from one of our old tassel stoles from Love from India, we are attempting a DIY tutorial just for you'll. Since we are new at doing the didactic, please pardon us, flaws if any.. Also let us know if you want us to do any particular tutorials. We would love to work on them.

Materials required:

1. Anchor threads (we bought 10 of them)

2. A scarf

3. Thread roll

4. A pair of Scissors

5. A needle

Procedure :

1. Cut anchor threads into equal lengths, depending on how long you want the tassels to be. We didn't want it to be too long so we cut them to about 3 inches each.

2. Take one of your thread cuttings and twist it holding both the ends.

3. Get the twisted bunch in a U-shape holding it from the centre of the U-shape

. Take the thread roll start rolling it around the 'U' (not in the centre) but a little above just forming a small head/round of the tassel. Make several turns to secure your tassel.

5. Repeat the steps for the number of tassels you want to make.

6.Once you have your tassels ready, start sewing the four corners of your scarf.

7.Then place the tassels at the two width ends of the scarf for placement before sewing them up.

8.You tassel scarf is ready to wear.

Note: Neatness and fashion are synonyms .

As you will see below, we made some extra tassels so why to let them go waste ? We can do so much more with it. So we made this white and gold neckpiece with a few spare chains that we had.

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