DIY: Pom Pom Necklace

Summer has seeped in and how. It's taking a toll on our minds and moods. Whats lacking in our wardrobe for this season is colors. And here we thought of making this colorful and summery neckpiece out of the pom pom lace. Its kind of boho and absolutely lightweight to wear in this season.

To start off with the process, get the following things handy; 1. A sewing kit 2. Pom pom lace, easily available at the lace/fabric stores 3. Two chains of equal length 4. A jump ring & a lobster clasp 5. A pair of scissors 6. A pair of pliers

Step 1: Cut of the pom poms out of the lace with the help of scissors; you can chose the colors combinations from the array of laces available to you.

Step 2: Create a pattern with the pom-poms before starting the stitching process. Take a pom pom and thread your needle through the centre of it, get your other pom-poms through the same process.

Our Mistake: We dint follow a pattern, which we will show you later in the process of why it is important to first form a patter and then start sewing up.

Step 3: Once you have your pattern stitched up in place, its time to stitch the chains to it on either sides.

Step 4: Join the ends of the two chains, using the jump ring and the clasp. Make use of the plier to open the jump rings and for all the adjustments to save yourself from chipping off your nails. Cut off all the extra threads.

So here it is, too much pink cluster at one end, hence we had to cut of the piece from the centre, remove one of the pink pom-poms and fix the piece together again using the yellow pom-pom. *so learn from our mistake*

Ready to wear!

Tell us how you like our DIY post. We would love to create more such stuff for you guys.

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