Denimizing with ONLY

Denims influence our moods and are the most happiest, easy-to-handle and most indispensable stuff we all own.
Denim is an unauthorised and self-replicating malicious code worn in different styles as a fashion statement. It destabilises the system, it has unauthorised access into our wardrobe without being washed even for years at times and can often bring money from its little pocket in times of crash.
Denims are an eternal classic trend which is not only a weekend basic but also a fashion must have.Think about denim revolutionising era after era with variety of styles from bottoms to jackets, shirts, denim on denim, overalls, wide legged denims and what not but denims and whites are everlasting vintage possessions.
This time round find all denim styles inspired from the 80s at none other than ONLY. Shredded, faded, rugged to lean fits. And we found the best location for this, the exteriors of The Great Eastern Home at Byculla. You can find the most trusted and unique antiques for your home at this store which won't have less than a thousand options to lookout for.
Urmi thinks bold prints work really well with denims and is revisiting the trend with a high waisted torn denim from Only whereas & Hemal teaming a denim jacket with a LWD moving away from the regular denim trends. 
Hemal's Outfit: Dress & Jacket - Only | Bag, Accessorize | Shoes, Bangkok | Watch, Guess | Handcuff, Accessorize
Urmi's Outfit: Denim, Top & jacket - Only | Shoes, Redress (Bandra) | Glasses, Bandra |Watch, Guess | Armcandies - Hill road (Bandra)

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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