Denim Decoded

No joy quite compares to having that one pair of denim that fits like a dream. A good closet always has a trusted pair of denim that sets and structures the foundation of all the basics you need to own. Essentially the very game you need to get right. How to master your basic wardrobe staple; the good ol’ denim jeans. For all the denim lovers the Denim Fest at Amazon Fashion beginning today is an extravaganza with all your favorite brands and styles listed under one umbrella!

When it comes down to it, that’s what makes or breaks your closet. Denims are a timeless classic, one that when you get right, can open a treasure trove of everyday looks that are equal parts glam and equal parts crisp. It’s no wonder some of us practically live in denim!

We love jeans that fit us like a glove. Covering all bases, being the perfect fit along with being comfortable and modish at the same time, the ultimate denim checks all the boxes. Just like the ones we’re sporting from Levi’s from Amazon Fashion

The denim fest brings a myriad of options for any body type. Name it and you will have! Levi’s is our go-to destination for any and all denim goodness. More importantly the classic straight fit and skinnies are our preferred picks for each time. It is super important to own that one perfect denim that fits perfectly on you and accentuates the shape of your body, making it not only appealing but comfortable as well.

With denims you can just create just about any look, be it a casual day or a night out on the town. Or maybe even one that leads in to another! The brilliance of the perfect denim lies in its versatility.

We styled our denim with basic shirts and added some statement jewelry to take it up a notch. We like to play around with our basic classics a little to highlight them. And nothing says a match made in heaven like a white shirt and denim. Urmi sports a basic glam look to give her denim a more modern style. The high waist is just enough to accentuate her curvy figure while the cuffs at the bottom, show off the toned shape of her legs in the denim.

Hemal on the other hand digs the skinny look, which complements her tall frame beautifully. A play on dark colors with the silver jewelry brings out the rugged charm of her dark stone washed jeans beautifully. We love the way the denim embraces our bodies and makes it look like it was literally made for it. The fit makes all the difference. Your body is beautiful so make sure you don’t waste it by wearing an ill-fitting pair. Always see how the jeans sit around your thighs, your calves and even your bottom. You want it comfortable enough for easy mobility and flattering enough to be stylish. THAT is the perfect pair for your body type. The look and wash of the denim also makes it adaptable for multiple wears with just about anything. That’s the thing about denim. It’s so inherently effortless yet so captivatingly striking that it makes a statement by itself.

Doing all the work for you, denim. Consider it decoded. Refresh your denim wardrobe with chicest selections this season go for the best on:

Hemal's Outfit: Top, Levis| Denim, Amazon Fashion (Levis) | Jewellery, Azotiique | Footwear, Charles & Keith | Sunglasses, Rayban

Urmi's Outfit: Top, Levis| Denim, Amazon Fashion (Levis) | Jewellery, Azotiique | Footwear, | Sunglasses, Rayban

Photo Credit: The Tilted Lens

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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