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These days we spend most of our time in our phones browsing through gazillion online shopping sites, Instagram merchandisers, Facebook pages and what not. We strive to find something unique and unusual on the internet, we are talking about our two new recent serendipities - Crazy heart and Parvati Villa !!!


We came across Parvati Villa on instagram. They have some gorgeous Indian jewellery curated from all across India and elsewhere. It's a store that mesmerizes you into Indian culture with the decor and their collection from silver to tribal jewellery, which makes it one of a kind. They also have some in-house customized pieces that say Shakti, which means Power. You’ll see Hemal wearing the Shakti handcuff in the pictures below. If you are a lover of ethnic and antique jewellery, this store should be in your list.

We also stumbled upon this Facebook page called Crazy Heart and loved their collection. We love anything that is bright and cheerful, their fabrics and prints are fabulous, not to forget the traditional bandhni and tie-dye prints. We clubbed both these rooted things together to create this post. Tell us how you guys like it!

I (Urmi) am wearing a dress over a dress with antique silver jewellery and Hemal is wearing a bandhni print maxi dress. The maxi has a cut-out waist giving it a trendy look.

We have been seeing a lot of tie-dye prints lately. These are evergreen and will never go out of fashion. Also, they look really good in the form of short dresses or even shirts for that matter. If you remember we even wore a maxi-dress from our own label a while back. You can see the post again here.


Hemal's Outfit: Maxi dress – Crazy Heart| All Jewellery, Parvati Villa

Urmi's Outfit: Pink Dress – Crazy Heart| Blue Dress, Crazy Heart | All Jewellery, Parvati Villa

Photo Credit:  Aditya Mistry

Graded by Parth Daga

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