Have you ever tried making a to-do list or have you ever tried earnestly to jot flummoxed queries in the margins if your minds so as to what to wear and how?! Of course the girls have, but what about you BOYS?!

Invariably, the answer is no. So we feel duty bound to introduce our special shoot ‘FOR HIM'. Yes it's been much awaited but due to time scarcity we had this one overdue since long . Initially, we attributed a pattern to enliven the boys technically but we knew it would not work out so we kept it easy.

Our boys here are in the mood to holiday today. Summer is already seeping in, so we are highlighting some essential wardrobe staples for the season as well as to suit their holiday temperament.

Before talking anything else, see Points to remember for Summer: 1. Avoid Blacks and concentrate on colors, it will not only make you look good but keep your mood happy in this dying heat. 2. Light-weight is the key 3. Fabric matters, opt for linens & cottons And the list will go on...

Look at what these boys are upto today. Its tough to decide who’s the best of all. The striped socks of J adds so much fun to his outfit, dont worry if you are wearing colored pants, you are not over dressed, time to experiment is now or never.

Don't you just love the printed pocket tee. Hemal and I have some kind of obsession with such t-shirts and Hiren just pulls it off with ease. Don't think what others would think just cos you dont have a model figure; wear what you are comfortable in and wear things that fit you just right - not a size bigger not a size smaller thats it.

Not to forget that we are also talking about summer, and oh boy! who would not want to flaunt some good arms like Gautam. Try out the anti-fit Sando all of you who want to impress us *winks*

All outfits, bags, accessories from CRASH BOOM BANG (PALI NAKA, BANDRA). Let us spill our secret here, it is our favoritest store for men, oh so affordable and so stylish. All you men who haven’t checked out this store, plan your next shopping trip here before anywhere else.

Tell us how you like this FOR HIM post. We are going to try our best to be regular with this segment, so keep watching this space you cricket freaks and learn some fashion tricks ;)

Photo Courtesy: Mansi Shah

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