Cool kids on the block

We love it best at times to go back to our OG styles. The cool style where comfort is to the max and style is all maxed out, just the way it should be.

Dressing effortlessly is the best way to get the cool chic look on point. Majorly, dressing ‘coolly’ is mistaken for dressing up in loose, ill-fitting clothes. There’s an unparalleled hip vibe when dressing up effortlessly. And what’s the secret to that, you might ask? Being cool is all about being comfortable in your own skin – and your second skin! Owning your style and modulating it to your personality.

Hemal does comfy chic by pairing up a vibrant mustard yellow tee and throwing on a complementing maroon grid print layer over it. She puts her own spin to it by knotting up one side of the tee. Adding a tan satchel, semi ripped jeans and her favorite black Ray Bans to the mix, her ensemble gives the perfect cool vibe.

Urmi owns her style by going for a well fit olive jacket that’s very trendy and makes it her own with the glittery sleeve feature of it. Paired up with a similar hue of olive tee and the quintessential cool rip jeans, thrown on a pair of tan lace-ups and reflectors. Effortless done right.

So no matter how you dress, there is only thing that matters – Be comfortable in your skin and no matter what anyone says, own it, because that’s what style truly is and ever will be.

Urmi's Outfit: Denim (similar) & Tee, Zara| Jacket, Local (Bandra) | Shoes, G.H.Bass

Hemal's Outfit: Top & Denims (similar), Zara|Shirt dress & Shoes, Bangkok 

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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