Colour Me Happy

We love being preppy and what defines us is our simplistic style and colours. We all tend to change our colours for the season - muted and earthy for winters and cool for summers. For being the season it is, blooms and greenery, colourful raincoats and umbrellas is what we see around, this season we choose bold and bright.

Its a task for us to stack up good colours in the wardrobe because factually, it always happens that we end up picking greys, blacks or muted tones versus bright hues and then its too late a realisation. But its an oath we have taken this time that the next few purchases have to be only colours. We are showing you our favourite colors and prints from Vero Moda this season.

School bus yellow is my (Urmi's) colour of the season. I personally love this colour in my wardrobe and this colour looks good in any of its shade from lemon to ochre. I love wearing yellow preferably or any other solid colour for monsoon as I feel a solid colour just stands out in the grey of this gloomy weather. Hemal likes blue depicting water for the season and she chose a blue striped pattern with multi-coloured floral print on it.

So its blues, yellows and some bold bloomy prints for us, whats your take this season?!

Hemal's Outfit: Dress - Vero Moda| Plimsolls, Bata

Urmi's Outfit: Maxi Dress - Vero Moda | Footwear, Forever 21

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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