Colours make the world a brighter and more fun place to live in. It’s what gives and blooms the beauty in everything around. Would a red rose be just as sweet without its romantic red? Or would you relish the joys of your orange popsicle candy just the same on a hot and sunny summer’s day?

We know it’s the one constant in all avenues of our being. Every color, every shade, every hue is an expression and representation of who we are. Some say you are what you eat, we say we are what we wear! No print, pattern or trend could compare to our contentment even with wearing just a bright solid color on any given day. Light moths to a flame, we are always drawn towards bright colors that make us happy! Whether it’s the cheeriness of orange or the sassiness of fuchsia! You’d hardly see us turn away from such vivacious hues. Play with colors and color block them with contrasting shades to enhance and bring out the beauty of the complementing tones. Would the peacefulness of Ying and Yang be just as tranquil without the purity of white supporting the sturdiness of black? And although we love our monochromatic palette, we can’t help but stray towards our shades!

In a world full of black, whites and greys, be a roaring red. A serene blue, a calm green or a royal purple. And if you feel extra adventurous and happy, dare to be a rainbow! You’ll always find a pot of gold at the end of one!

Hemal's Outfit: Dungaree dress, WWH | Top, Forever 21| Socks, Happy Socks| Shoes, H&M| Sunglasses, Claires| Watch, Daniel Wellington

Urmi's Outfit: Dress, WWH (also worn as a kurta here)|  Socks, Happy Socks| Pins, Quirkbox| Shoes, Target (USA) |Arm-threads, Bandra (Hill road)| Sunglasses,

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: Rustico (Mumbai)

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