Cheerleaders 2.0

We’re not quite out of the woods yet with the 90’s styles and not regrettably so. The nostalgia takes us back to high school times when we grew up watching the coolest teenage rom-coms. It had the quintessential must-have – Cliques. There was always the nerds, the jocks, band geeks and the sought after exclusive club of beauties a.k.a cheerleaders!

ONLY India’s recent collection – Glitter cheerleader is reminiscent of just that but with an upgrade! We’ve gone from varsity fill frocks to glitter glam ups with an addition of modern trends. Think lots of shiny sequins, tutu skirts and metallic accents! These outfits are the perfect match of comfort, casual and party-wear! The party literally never stops with these outfits. Dress it up or down with these glittery pieces that are a playful take on high school inspired fashion! Preppy varsity wear meets girly statement glam!

Urmi demonstrates that with a basic sequined tank top and pairs it with ripped cropped joggers. Laidback never looked better and is accentuated with classic white sneakers.

Hemal on the other hand, adds a little prom girl drama with a metallic turtleneck to her cheerleader tutu skirt. The glitz sits perfectly against the 90’s style doodle on the skirt. Hemal pairs it with oxblood slip-ons for a relaxed look.

Like the 90’s we keep it simple, but that doesn’t stop us from adding our spin to it. A dash of glitter, a touch of metallic and we’re making casual dress up cool again.

Hemal's Outfit: Skirt, ONLY | Top, Only | Shoe, Charles & Keith| Watch, Daniel Wellington

Urmi's Outfit:  Top, ONLY | Denims, ONLY (Similar) | Shoe, H&M| Watch, Daniel Wellington | Earrings, Swarovski

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

Location: The Clearing House

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