Chasing Colors

The beauty of black and white is unparalleled. One fills the other in its muted silence and everything makes sense at the same time.  But let’s be honest, what would life really be like without bright and saturated colors, painting in emotions and feelings alike? A life stuck in a 1950’s television box. Whether it’s the happy glow of yellow or the serene escapade of a blue hue. Even a certain citrus fruit would be nameless if colors were non-existent.

Summer is coming to a closing end with the droplets of rain kissing the Earth just recently. We decided to bid goodbye to the season in the only way it is appropriate. As the gloom and grey closes in on us, we dressed up in pinkest pinks and yellowest yellows for one final ode to Summer. We chased our colours.

Cue, CrazyHeart. Bringing together two of our favourite things about summer – tie-dyes and that free-spirited Bohemian style. We love the aesthetics over at CrazyHeart! Their innate carefree style translates into their kooky garments with flowy silhouettes, vivid colours and laid-back style. It’s quirky, easy-going and chic all at the same time.

Urmi goes for a fluid maxi in dreamy sunset tones of hot pink, mellow orange and canary yellow whilst Hemal opts for a bright burst of flaming pink in a co-ordinate number. We love that the garments oozes this inexplicable effortless charm which is emphasized by addition of our classic white sneakers. Adding statement Boho pieces completed the look apart from must-have summer essentials – our sunglasses!

As the season of heat comes to a screeching halt, the brightness fades. Grey might be looming overhead, maybe for days. But the blue falls on us, leaves get colour, the brightest we’ver ever seen. We’ll be chasing colours anyway, for that magical mien.

Urmi's Outfit: Maxi dress, Crazy Heart| Shoes, Adidas Originals | Sunglasses, Rayban | Neckpiece, The Anarae Store| Bangles, Local

Hemal's Outfit: Top & Culottes, Crazy Heart | Shoes, Only India| Sunglasses, Rayban | Neckpiece, Goa (local) | Watch, Daniel Wellington

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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