“What! You, too..I thought I was the only one.” This is what a best friend reacts and the bond strengthens...

When girls want to have riot of fun there are no bars, they can go to any extent and do anything impulsive. Have you experienced picking up the same thing as your best friend? It notably happens with us, and we've mentioned this earlier as well, that we end up wearing the same combinations and people do mistake us for twins. We are almost always congruent. Haha!

We were at Accessorize and they helped us in making our friendship better, thicker and brighter. We've always had an amazing shopping experience at Accessorize stores. Not to forget their sales. In our country, we feel Accessorize is one the few brands that has a genuine sale. You can literally pick up totes, slings, embellished clutches for peanuts.

For those who haven't checked this brand, you are really missing out on some good stuff. Last few days of sale, you guys better get your hands on some stylish bags. You will love it! Dont forget to take your best friend along! *wink*

Bags by Accessorize

Check out their page here: ACCESSORIZE

The best friend couple can win some exciting GOODIES from WWH at the end of this month.

This time share your TWIN PICTURES, hash tag #celebratingfriendshipwithaccessorize ,"Tag Accessorize India and What Wear How on the following:

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Stay tuned in for some more friendship moments all this month.

Photo Courtesy:Mansi Shah

Location Courtesy: Le 15 Patisserie

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