By the pool

From sunflowery dreamland to just a few days to go and soon I (Urmi) will be back to dreary old Bombay. The very thought of coming back Mumbai over joys me but also dealing with the jet lag & dull rainy days looms overhead like a bunch of grey clouds waiting to drench me from top to bottom.

Ending this trip with this impromptu & beautiful post we shot by the pool. We chose to go for the staple pair of denim shorts and typical crisp white shirt for the perfect outfit by the pool. This outfit literally screams summer and is my to-go combination for any season! I wouldn't mind repeating it over and over again. If you're going for a swim to the beach or the pool it's also a really cool outfit to wear over your swimsuit or bikini. I love chunky neckpieces and I totally swear by white-gold / white-silver combination. Completing the look with a neutral bag & moccasins again with tassels (read more about my tassel fetish here).

This was a much needed break away from digging myself 24*7 in the cellphone; we really recommend getting time off work at least once a year. A break doesn't necessarily mean to go out see the world, but taking time out for yourself. We love doing stuff when we have some days off - snuggling in bed all day watching movies, reading and just relaxing. A fresh mind is the way to all those creative ideas.

While I deal with my state of mixed feelings and fear jet lag, take a look at these pictures shot by my preggy sister. I would like to thank her for going out of her way and doing this for me.

Urmi's Outfit: Top, Loft (similar) | Shorts, Bandra (Local) | Neckpiece, Lokhandwala (Local) | Watch, Daniel Wellington | Shades, Aldo | Shoes, Vaph

Photo Credit : Upasana Daga

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