Brooklyn bound

Juxtaposition (n): the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

When in the Big Apple, times flies like no one’s business. It’s not a wonder the term ‘a New York minute’ was coined here. The bustling streets, the street-side noise, the people on the constant go all radiate a surge of energy that you can conquer whatever comes your way.

Side step to its quieter and chiller counterpart, Brooklyn. The place where craft brews and all things indie and cool are the norm. Birthplace of everything that is trendy, from Rainbow bagels to artisanal coffees. Brooklyn is a cultural smorgasbord. With colorful murals and vivid graffiti for backgrounds and quirky cafes and boutiques along the way for company, exploring Brooklyn is a dream. Every nook has a hidden gem; every corner has an artistic wonder. The juxtaposition of the two boroughs is amazing.

Our second day in NY looked something like this. Strolling around the streets of Brooklyn as we explored the rustic side of New York. The place is flooded with trendy cafes and experimental bars, vibrant houses and street murals. The two of us love travelling, exploring eateries and shopping. In short, anything that has to do with us spending faster than we can ask ourselves ‘Do I really need it?’

Then again, as much as we enable each other with our indulgences, we also caution each other. Much like the two boroughs, we too are juxtapositions of great lengths being contrasting different while sometimes being eerily and weirdly similar. Not just similar but almost the same, one person. Where Urmi remains a Bollywood buff and a Netflix bug, Hemal remains, to this day, quite the expert on snoozing through the movies. It’s no wonder that Hemal is a nocturnal own, sleeping to the sun, while Urmi is an early bird, rising to the sun. She can drive all around the city, and you’d find Hemal finding her crazy while still snoozing along the way. If there ever was a nap queen, Hemal would be it!

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because Urmi can put things into words, while Hemal on the other hand likes to think that she is the best photographer in the world!

Being bloggers, you’d imagine our clothes to be neatly folded and hung in our closets. And while Urmi does live up to the obvious, Hemal has mastered the art of dumping clothes. You know how we all have that one chair on which everything is piled on? Yup, she has it.

We’re your typical pair of bumbling best friends and with an affinity for clothes; thank God we share our stress like we do our clothes. What are BFFs for?

You can also expect Urmi to lend an ear and have her listen to what you have to say, though you can have a hard time making a conversation with her. When it comes to making conversation, Hemal can go above and beyond and sometimes beyond point of return! Hemal loves to talk and you might find it a task to have her shut up. Urmi’s listening and focus especially comes into play when it comes to books. She likes to read and Hemal doesn’t get the concept of actually buying books.

We’re sometimes like Peanut Butter and Jelly and sometimes as different as chalk and cheese. Speaking of which, Hemal loves to cook and is an amazing chef. While Urmi doesn’t have the interest or a magical hand at it.

You can call us two peas in a pod or two of a kind. We’re cut from the same fabric but have our own weird quirks and kookiness. Our eccentricities are what make us, us, together and apart. We can laugh on almost anything and cry at the stupidest something. We bring balance to each other and make up for each other where we lack. Guess we’re just same same but different, as they say. Juxtaposition, y’know?

On Urmi: Top, Kanelle by Kanika Jain | Shorts, Only India| Sliders,| Sunglasses, Rayban
On Hemal: Skirt, Forever 21| Top, Kanelle by Kanika Jain | Sunglasses, Rayban
Photo Courtesy: Parth Daga

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