Brighter than Sunshine

The rains have poured but their last drops and swooping in is the sweltering October heat. Which might we add is quite the pleasant and welcoming change from the dark skies and city-halting downpours?   On our minds? Bright colors, brighter ear-to-ear smiles and outfits in vivid shades that reflect our exact happy state of mind (the weather might have played a hand in it too!)   We’re translating that joy into punchy polkas with a riot of colors to give it company. Urmi’s love for this dotty print is eternal and how. Channeling some old school vibes with a pair of fresh flare denims that play the perfect match to a spunky bishop-sleeved shirt cinched in with a belt. It’s an effortless look with exactly zero fuss or muss.   Wear one color? How about both for days when decisions are best left to be explored through menus of what to eat or order? Hemal plays around with a dual-toned wrap dress, which is the answer to any question. Even if the question doesn’t fit. And by that we obviously mean that this outfit gets an immediate vote of approval in our council of two.   So the question remains.. But well, you already know the answer to that.   (And sometimes that answer is always to get that dress.)   Until next time!   U + H

Photo: Abhijeet Kank

On Urmi: Shirt, Wild Flower Folks | Denim, H&M | Shoes, Old Navy | Bag, Accessorize

On Hemal: Dress, Wild Flower Folks | Shoe, Charles & Keith | Bag, Miniso

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