Bottoms Up!

We all feel to decamp ourselves on hot working days, but there's always a remedy for everything, and all we need to do is loosen up a little on our attires. We should revitalize ourselves by getting into some comfortable outfits in summers. Denims are definitely very bothersome to most of us in this heat, take a look at some of our favorite summer bottoms and get your hands on them too!

1. White cropped pants: (Promod)

White cropped pants are core essentials of the season, there are gazillion ways you can style your white pants, treat white just like you treat your blacks, team anything with whites and you ll never go wrong; it does as much justice to your outfit as black does! Whites as they say plays well on human psyche and leads to peace, so this summer let your white be whiter than others and let the white violas capture the fading daylight as no color can.

2. Linen pants: (Cotton World)

It is quite obvious for all of us to turn to our linen closet because the fabric itself tells you the story of a heated day well spent. There is nothing more you could ask for than a trusty pair of linen pants in this weather. The feather weight fabric with lose cuts keeps you hydrated throughout the day. You'll find them in the brightest and lightest colors, you just need to keep an eye for a good fit. Similar ones worn here.

3. Cotton drawstring trousers: (Chemistry)

Are u a person who has to endure to long train journeys and even a longer day with heavy traffic to face and severe hot weather that bothers you ? If yes, choose these printed pants that fit lose at the top and taper at the bottom, which is almost identical to the Indian 'dhoti'. Team it with a structured/or a well-fitted top to add shape to your body. It not only gives you a relaxed look, but also gives you a chic feel. You could experiment and style yourself in these pants and do away with the slapdash summer look and transform yourself into something cool and ethnic. These pants will help the boredom of summers exit and it will leave you cheerful even on the warmest day. Also worn here.

4. Shorts (Bangkok)

We may sound cliche, but shorts are the favorites and real must haves in summers. We need not say much about this, you know all about it. Pick up solid colors, prints, cottons, chiffons and everything thats available in the form of shorts, and enjoy the casual summers. Also worn here.

5. Palazzo pants: (Mineral)

These are the real show stoppers and are up for grabs in al colors, prints and fabrics in Mumbai - from street vendors, to local stores to brands; you have wide array to choose from. As most of you think it is a task to carry them off, leave your thoughts behind and try them on. If you are not the experimental ones, pick up a basic black and team it with some good prints or a solid color. Try well-fitted tops or even semi-fits to get a good shapely frame. Wear them with your flats and ballets to get the comfort level. Also worn here.

6. Leggings: (Bandra)

Bright and bold is definitely the name of the game. Leggings in neon, geometric prints, funky prints, pastels, floral prints are all up there for sale. Pick out your favorite hues and team them with oversized shirts or your simplest tunics. Accessorize with some layered necklaces and chunked up arms and you are all set for life.

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