Better Together

Hello, World! It’s been a while.

As we complete what scarily enough is 75% of the last decade (WE KNOW!), let’s just say, we are thankful for having each other in these last few years.

The last two years have been an absolute whirlwind. With both of us tying the knot (Not with each other but it may as well have been since we’re ALWAYS with each other lol), multiple home moves and erratic schedules, if there’s anything that this year has taught us, it’s that we’re grateful for each other.

We’ve been lost in our own little worlds for a bit. Marrying can do that to you. What with new responsibilities, new families of your exciting new chapter. Now that we’re all settled in, it’s time again and we’re more excited than ever. Excited to speak again with you, and create more content, for you!

Getting back in the groove with the gorgeous looks from Indigo Dreams, which might we say are all that and then some. Absolutely love the fabrics used. These dresses, all in cotton woven are just perfect for the season as the season goes from wet and cool to warm and WARM!!!

This is just the beginning thought. It’s back to more shoots, more blogposts et all for us. Which also means more time for us to be back together in our element, with each other’s craziness. What’s not to love?

See you around, folks!

Photo: Abhijeet Kank

On Urmi: Dress, Indigo Dreams |Belt & Earrings, Target

On Hemal: Dress, Indigo Dreams | Belt, Bandra (local) | Earrings, H&M

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