We are reliving our school days with Accessorize. Some of us nerdy, some back benchers, trouble makers, the talkative ones, teacher’s pet and what not. Doesn’t it just make you smile instantly thinking about those days where we hated studying and wanted to get out of school, where we capitalized on our best friends to complete our assignments.

We found some amazing bag-packs and stoles in cute prints and thought of talking about the most missed upon phase of our lives. While you go through our friendship moments, start thinking of what memory will you share with us already !!!

BAG & STOLE by Accessorize

Check out their page here: ACCESSORIZE

The best friend couple can win some exciting GOODIES from WWH at the end of this month.

This time share your TWIN PICTURES, #celebratingfriendshipwithaccessorize ,Tag Accessorize India and What Wear How on the following:   1.Facebook page or 2.Instagram (Urmi Daga/ Hemal Ved) or 3.Twitter Stay tuned in for some more friendship moments all this month.  

Photo Courtesy: Mansi Shah

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