All about Accessorizing!

One of the most accepted forms of semiotic distinction is fashion, because fashionable clothes, accessories, and body adornment are easy for others to observe at a peek. Today we will specifically talk about accessories. Accessories are often used to complete an outfit and complements the wearer's look. Actually the fact is, accessories can do wonders even to your simplest outfit.

We went to 'Accessorize' to check their new collection and we were totally drooled over by their array of accessories from chic to boho to their chronic prints, jewels... they had it all.Adding accessories is one of the trickiest way to change your basics into a whole new look.

Hemal who is a t-shirt person chose to accessorize her new mint t-shirt and filled the neck by layering neckpieces. We were completely awed by the fresh and jewelled envelope by Accessorize. Urmi chose to go the boho way.
And herez a surprise package; accessories are even favorite with kids. Don't miss to check out this neonate - our sporting little guest model, Tatsavi ! She carries off neon and denim with ease and calls herself a fashion geek like us ;) !!!
On Urmi: Jeggings, Only| Shirt, Colaba|Shoes, Reiss now 'Redress' (bandra)| All Accessories, c/o Accessorize
On Hemal: Pants, Bandra| Top, H&M|Shoes, Zara| All Accessories, c/o Accessorize
 On Tatsavi: Dungree & Top, Bandra| All Accessories, c/o Accessorize
Don't forget to check out Accessorize's brand new collection
Visit their page HERE!
Photo Courtesy:
Partha Daga

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