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When you dress up with delight, admiration follows. Cottons have always been synonym to comfort. There are no trends, just bright colours to express your ideas and elegant accessories to make yourself look soulful even on the hottest summer day.

Accessories, Bright colors and Cottons are our ABC's of the season. An Indian look creates an aura of tradition and that makes the show absolute. With Accessorize it feels like having an additional halo and what could be better than casual anarkali to make you an abstract ipseity. You can definitely bank a couple of pieces from Accessorize for your Fusion wear and teaming it up with your perfect Indian outfits could be a great idea. Be it casual wear or a wedding outfit. They have beautiful jewelled earrings and neckpieces that can fill up space in your neutral jewellery box.

Hemal is wearing neon jewel earrings and a basic jeweled neckpiece with some wrist bands. All of these are dual purpose accessories; you can switch them from indian to western, either ways. Urmi chose for an Indian touch by choosing these ethnic gold earrings with some bangles and a metal neckpiece with just a hint of color to go with her outfit.

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Photo Courtesy: Vivek Bhatia Photography

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