A Whirlwind Wake-up Call

There are ups and downs to everything in this crazy roller coaster that life is. Our trip to New York has been a little bit of both because with the good, there always comes a little bit of bad. The best, because we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of an international collaboration that took us together to the coolest city in the world. The worst, because as soon as we touched down in the city, our social media accounts and blog got hacked.

Things seemed fishy and then we got phished. Now, we still don’t know whether this was due to using open WiFi networks or because of clicking on an unidentified link. While in the process of getting verified on Instagram, we received an email saying our accounts were to be verified and without giving it a second thought, we clicked on the link.

Boom. We were hacked. Our accounts were taken hostage and the hackers sent us threat emails asking us to do as they said. Totally filmy and dramatic we know, but the scariness of it is all too real, believe us. Nonetheless, we ignored the emails because there’s no guarantee of any return of our digital property.

Instant panic mode was on. We reported the situation to police in India, called 911 here and used all the resources we had. The different time zones made things only that much more difficult. Moreover, since we had to attend events and cover them, we were under a mountain of stress. After much help we managed to get our accounts and blog back. We certainly lucked out with getting it back. Also, we are so thankful to have friends like family who helped us at wee hours - Mehul Kothari, Karan Mody, Prerak Shah, Hemantee Vijan, Rahul Kshetri, Sahil, Santosh & also Jessica from Facebook. We cannot thank you guys enough.

After retrieving our accounts, our Wordpress account was in peril. Thankfully, once bitten twice shy and we thwarted a second attempt on getting hacked. Being alert thanks to the experiences the first time round helped us prevent even more disastrous consequences.

If you ever feel that you may be under danger of being hacked, remember 1) Don’t use open WiFi networks. Hackers can easily attain your information through it. 2) Activate 2-factor verification on all your accounts to doubly secure them. 3) Keep your passwords strong and try and keep them different. One common password may become the key to a world of fun for a hacker.

We’ve been told that it could be someone we know or a jealous competitor, however, a hacker is a hacker and haters will hate. All we know is we are truly blessed to have all our accounts backs and in safer terms. We’re so thankful to everyone involved in helping us get through this and mostly retrieving our accounts again. Thank you so so much, we absolutely love you guys!


Hemal's Outfit : Top, Crazy Heart India| Jacket, Karnam Clothing (picked from The Lil Flea | Footwear, H&M |Sunglasses, Rayban

Urmi's Outfit : Top, Crazy Heart India| Jacket, Fashion Quotient (Instagram) | Footwear, Forever 21| Sunglasses, Rayban

Photo Credit: Adam Kasali

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts