A Gem of a Find

There’s nothing quite like Mumbai. Maximum city. A place where life is in the fast lane and every corner you turn to has a delicious secret waiting to be uncovered. Chor bazaar is the crowning glory that is a testament to this fact and its rustic grandeur that is alien to no one. Full of vintage finds, forgotten tchotchkes and old gems that are today valuable discoveries.

That’s the thing about great finds though. You never know at what turn you might find them.

Drawing parallels on the same thought is why we chose to shoot at Chor Bazaar when we discovered an amazing local label – Purvi Doshi.

We’re big on wearing clothing created with organic fabrics and ethically produced as is obvious on our feeds. Our idea of clothing not just looking good but doing good as well has been something that we fiercely believe in and try to encourage those around us to participate in. Purvi Doshi’s outfits sweep in doing just that like a breath of fresh air.

We picked these looks from her line that brought together breathable fabrics and style by the heap. Having versatile outfits in our wardrobes is a major deal-clincher for us, so we love having flexible pieces that can be dressed up or down. These definitely tick those boxes and then some. For us, volume plays a major role in making any outfit look grander and dressier. The highlight of these outfits lies in that fact and its extremely flattering silhouettes and stylish cuts.

Urmi loves a simple knotted blouse; perfect to add a modish touch to her outfit with a simple yet classy tiered skirt. Try this ensemble with layered jewelry for the coolest look at any wedding this season. Whilst keeping things classy with one look, Urmi indulges in a playful dual tone half and half top in another. We adore the round collar and the play on length on the top’s hemline is such a statement in itself. Pulling together the look with a vibrant floral skirt, Urmi ties the look in with a yellow waist belt. Love a pop of color, no?

Hemal plays muse to her love for lengths and creates a glamorous look that is equal parts classy and trendy. The layered contrast of the top and bottom’s length makes this look a great choice for any formal or wedding event. It’s the ideal choice. Add an abstract striped pattern to the top and a statement belt and you’ve got yourself a winner. For her last look, Hemal keeps it casual and flirty in an achromatic cotton wrap dress. The burst of yellow on the hemline is a great way to add a touch of color to the outfit without being overbearingly monochromatic. Sassy!

All in all, if this was TL; DR,


Buy our outfits here:

Urmi's outfits: LOOK 1 -  Shirt, H&M | Skirt by Purvi Doshi

LOOK 2 - Dress by Purvi Doshi | Top by Purvi Doshi | Belt, Vero Moda| Earrings, Global Desi

Hemal's outfits: LOOK 1 - Dress by Purvi Doshi

LOOK 2 - Dress by Purvi Doshi

Written by: Hemantee Vijan

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