A Cheerful bargain

Are u apprehensive about online shopping like us ? Ah ! It's so tempting, interesting, easy, one time purchase, discount, glamour and the shipshape. We really don't have control over our usual habits of swiping cards. But when it comes to online shopping we do fear a bit about sneaky scams.

Fire can burn everything. Should we say that fire is a curse? No na! So is with online shopping. We come across tons of online portals daily, selling stuff at humungous price ranges and most of us usually end up doing only online-window shopping. But this is one site we stumbled upon and it's totally worth spending money over. You wouldn’t even have to think twice before buying stuff from this site, they are so reasonable. Take a look at what we procured.

Our new found adoration, yet another portal, shopper friendly Shop Nineteen -trustworthy and prudent.

Urmi has been hunting for an all-season cardigan since ages, which she always failed to find, either they used to be very thick and wintery or just not worth the price. She found the perfect one here. Hemal went for her new obsession for skirts and she could even fit in a casual cotton jacket in her budget.

ON URMI: Shirt, Colaba | Skirt, Mesh| Cardigan, Shopnineteen.com | Bag, Gifted| Shoes, Westside| Ring, Purple High| Neckpiece, Accessorize


ON HEMAL: Top, Colaba | Skirt & jacket, Shopnineteen.com| Watch, Guess| Leather band, Colaba| Shoes, Westside

Check out some super smart stuff at www.shopnineteen.com

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@2014:www.whatwearhow.in | all rights reserved      pixels crafted with love by infinista concepts