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A certain image attaches itself to your thoughts at the very mention of ‘Indian weddings’. Loud outfits, shiny bling everywhere and H2T diamonds on everyone. While some may be fans of that OTT game, we are birds of a different feather. Indian outfits need not necessarily translate into heavy-diamond encrusted outfits and you certainly don’t need to look like you’ll shine to eternity on wedding functions, giving Edward Cullen a run for his money.  What you need to look for is an outfit that is equal parts classy and stylish and just right for the occasion. And if this post wasn’t hint enough, we have discovered just the right go-to for you!

Vivid, one-of-a-kind and well on the wow factor, these outfits by Priyal Prakash have the perfect balance of simplicity and heaviness. The outfit speaks for itself and the uniqueness of design, structure, prints and colors is proof of just that.

Urmi showcases just that with an uber chic off the shoulder blouse that’s paired up with a lehenga skirt. The color scheme contrasts perfectly to create a statement. Urmi infuses her own personality with the outfit by adding a Nath to the mix. This season is all about statement one-piece jewelry from maang tikkas to naths to even chunky hand harnesses. The accessory surely gives you something to talk about and we love how it injects a pinch of traditional Indian beauty.

While Urmi plays around with modernity, Hemal is a girl of that old school charm. Taking the traditional route, Hemal dons a striking orange-pink- red set that beautifully offsets the black in the design. With hints of gold, the outfit is given a touch of glamour. She brings in the allure of Indian accessories with classic jhumkas that bring the perfect look to the outfit, in addition to a simple black bindi.

Now although, the concept of bridesmaids doesn’t really exist in Indian weddings, these outfits would be an amazing choice to bring that into play. Imagine – your girl brigade in these colorfully rich and vivid lehengas, bringing in the cheer and fun! Total best friend’s shaadi material! If that wasn’t cool enough, you can always put your aviators on and rock the baarat!

Hemal's Outfit: Outfit, Priyal Prakash House of Design| Jewellery, Minerali

Urmi's Outfit: Outfit, Priyal Prakash House of Design| Jewellery, Minerali

Photo Credit: Jaina Kumar

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